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Generate list of deleted files

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Old 02-01-2012
Generate list of deleted files

I copied all JPEGs from my laptop to an external drive using

find . -name "*.jpg" -exec cp '{}' ./media/Backup/pictures \;

And then deleted all of them from my laptop.

Now, I realize that I need the folder path of all the original JPEGs as the path has the important information.

I dont need to recover the files. Just need the full path of all the deleted files like this:


Is there a way to get this? I guess I will need to use some feature of a recover/undelete application without really doing the recovery but dont know how.

I have root access. I am on Ubuntu (Natty).

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Old 02-01-2012
Unless you had a backup, it will be very difficult...
You do have one no?
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