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help creating gzip of directory files via cron

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help creating gzip of directory files via cron

**BTW- very new to scripting**

I have created a shell script to gzip the public_html files on our website. I have tested this script on another directory on our site and it worked, but when I replaced the directory with the public_html directory it failed.

I am executing this script via a cron job.

This is the script that works.
gzip -c9 /home/abc/abc-1_4_2/*.* >/home/abc/backups/week_`date +'%d%b'`_backup.gz

This is the script that does not work
gzip -c9 /home/abc/public_html/*.* >/home/abc/backups/week_`date +'%d%b'`_backup.gz

I ran the cron job twice. This is the error the cron job gives me:
/home/mtpub/db_backups/ line 1:  5501 Killed    or 
/home/mtpub/db_backups/ line 1:  1002 Killed

Am I missing something in the formatting? Would simply changing the directories cause the error? I have tried asking our host if there is something special about the public_html directory that would prevent this, but alas... no help there!


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What does the line (exactly) look like in your crontab (crontab -l will list it for you)
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23     11     *     *     *     /home/abc/backups/

This is set up in our cPanel cronjobs. The name of the file I have it in is
The file ran successfully with this cron to the first directory, but not to the public_html directory.

Should I try running the script directly from the cron tab instead of from the shell file?

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Thanks for help. My host told me that it was an issue with the size of our site (1.5GB) vs. a timeout script they have running on the shared server. Smilie

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could you post the full script , or you can check this with after define the correct path.
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Full script is posted above. It is a simple one line script.

My host has told me that it is working, but because we are on a shared server, it takes too long to execute and their (server's) kill/time-out scripts are causing mine to fail. I had the same problem with our database dump script.

I know... "Find a new host"...

Thanks for all the help.
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Try leaving off the '9'. It makes gzip much much slower, for extremely small compression benefits.

Compressing 1.5 gigabyte files on a daily basis isn't such a terrific idea in any case, your host may not be in the wrong here.
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Thanks. I will try that. -- I am not doing it daily. It is a weekly backup.

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