Program output in terminal by invoking in cron

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Tried on a unix system (not tried on Linux).
Login to a normal telnet session.
Find out the tty.

Do not log out.
Write a simple wrapper script for your program and manually insert the tty:
This assumes that "vt100" is actually correct for your terminal.

/usr/bin/rtorrent my_torrent_files 2>&1 > ${MYTTY}

This will only work if the program does not issue any "tput" commands because they will not work in background.

Because the terminal must be logged in, you might as well just run a normal script which checks the time periodically.
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Hi, I wasn't able to make it by Your example, but I have found partial solution, namely I have typed into my crontab file:
0 0 * * * env DISPLAY=:0.0 xterm -e "/usr/bin/rtorrent /home/pioter/Torrent/files/DEU/*.torrent"
0 9 * * * /usr/bin/pkill rtorrent

it invokes xterm (instead tty). Although it needs Xs it runs rtorrent as I wanted it to. Still, if anyone would have any idea how to conduct it by means of raw /dev/ttys I would be more than thankful Smilie
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In the early days this was pretty easy because a serial terminal had a fixed address associated with the physical terminal socket on the computer (a "tty" address).
With TCP/IP comms comes dynamic allocation of pseudo-tty addresses (a "ptty" address).
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I think this is overhead.

90% of OP funcionality can be achived by modifying .rtorrent.rc and using screen.
So i reccomend reading about rtorrent options, it's probably the most configurable torrent client out there.

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