add new 'date field' in a pipe delimited file

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add new 'date field' in a pipe delimited file

i need to add a new field in a pipe delimited line. the field will be the current date today.

given that all lines are uniformed in the number of fields
i want it to look like this:\

please help Smilie
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awk -vd=`date +%Y%m%d` -F"|" -vOFS="|" '{$6=d}1' file

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Originally Posted by bartus11
awk -vd=`date +%Y%m%d` -F"|" -vOFS="|" '{$6=d}1' file

how do you do it permanent in that file and not creating a new temp file?
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By overwriting it with the temp file.

awk, and nearly any stream-based utility, does not edit "in place". If you try to write to the same file at the same time you'll destroy it.
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