Removing ^M Character from all the files in a folder.

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Removing ^M Character from all the files in a folder.

Hi Everyone,

I am new and need your help.

Can anyone please help me in removing the ^M character from all the file in a folder recursively.

Please provide me the code.
Response will be Really appreciated.

Thanks in Advance
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There are hundreds of replies to your question on this forum, do a search (top right)
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It sounds like you copied the files from a Windows system to a Unix/Linux system using a network protocol, like Samba, or NFS.
Lines in a Windows text file end with a carriage return and a line feed. Unix files just end with a line feed. The ^M that you see is the carriage return.
You can remove these carriage returns in several ways.
If you have the program "dos2unix"
dos2unix <inputfile >outputfile

if not:
tr -d "\r" <inputfile >outputfile

You can also copy the entire folder from the unix system back to a Windows system using ftp in binary mode, and then copy the files back again using ascii mode.
c:\work>ftp unix
>cd somewhere
>mget *
cd somewhere1
mput *

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I am able to remove the ^M characters using sed s/^[0-9]$//g. what I am doing is removing the character ^M and moving it into a temp file then replacing with the original file.

but I am not able to read the filename from a folder and not able to pass the filename as a argument. Can you please provide me the code
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That will delete everything that's not a [0-9] character, which seems a bit drastic when all you want to delete is the carriage return.

If you don't have dos2unix, you should really use tr for this.

find /dir -type f | while read LINE
        tr -d '\r' <"$FILE" >/tmp/$$
        cat /tmp/$$ > "$FILE"


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