Set internal hard drives unaccessible to imager

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I didn't suggest editing a rule, but adding a rule.

I don't think /dev/sda is generated by any rule -- it's a default. Kernel says this device is named 'sda', and no udev rules change that name, so it just ends up /dev/sda. (Yes, there's rules related to sda already, but none of them actually rename it. So the default name remains.)

My intent is to catch the devices you don't want to use and prevent them from appearing in their default locations by giving them different names.
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I added the 00-custom.rule under /etc/udev/rules.d/ and still shows my hard drive as an option.. hmmmm.
Checked my squashfs up for the paths and the rule did its job - clonezilla still shows the hard drive as available.

Under /dev/skipme/ I have
sda, sdb, sdc, sr0

Under /dev/ I have
sda, sda1, sda2, sdb, sdb1, sdc


drives shown in system are:
sda - 80GB Hard drive
sdb - 16GB usb clonezilla live
sdc - doesn't show valid partition but is a loader stick as well 8 gb

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Found out an easy way without having to even unpack the filesystem and modifying.

squashfs doesn't save any changes so a startup command to delete kernel modules will have no effect if I wanted to have them enabled the next time.

set my bootup param to do the following
rmmod ahci
rmmod libahci
rmmod libata

no more hard drives show up available on the system - If I want them enabled just leave those commands not available on another menu item

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Sorry about the rule, I was convinced that overriding the default would prevent the rule being created... I also can't tell what all the existing rules you have are. udev doesn't seem to have a "match this rule and STOP PROCESSING RIGHT NOW" directive, otherwise I'd have done that too.

Glad that works. Just beware the system doesn't get it in its head to modprobe it again when a device gets plugged in or something. You might want to move or remove ahci.ko itself (if possible).

sdc may be weird because some usb sticks come formatted without partition tables at all -- they're formatted like old-fashioned floppy disks, with FAT partitions right at the boot sector itself.

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