ps command problem

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Please post sample output from the command:
ps -e -o pcpu,pid

There is much variation in the output from the "ps" command depending on the exact Operating System version.
To match with "grep" we need to be precise. In this case every space character and every decimal place counts.

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CLP(1)							      General Commands Manual							    CLP(1)

clp - linear program solver SYNOPSIS
clp filename [ options ] solutionfile DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the clp command. clp -- interface to the coin linear programming solver. clp solves the following linear optimization program: minimize c^t x such that: row_lb <= Ax <= row_ub column_lb <= x <= column_ub OPTIONS
When no options are given clp enters the interactive command line mode. Otherwise the program enters a batch mode, for which a summary of options is included below. For a complete description, see /usr/share/doc/coinor-libclp-doc. -help Show summary of options. -primalsimplex solve the problem using the primal simplex method -dualsimplex solve the problem using the dual simplex method -maximize maximize the problem SEE ALSO
glpsol(1),dsdp5(1) This program is fully documented in the accompanying html documentation which can be found in /usr/share/doc/coinor-libclp-doc if the coinor-libclp-doc package is installed. AUTHOR
clp was written by John J. Forrest <> This manual page was written by Soeren Sonnenburg <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). May 7, 2008 CLP(1)

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