Inserting a sequential number into a field on a flat file

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Inserting a sequential number into a field on a flat file

I have a csv flatfile with a few million rows. I need to replace a field (field number is 85) in the file with a sequential number.

As an example, let's assume there are only 4 fields in the file:

If I wanted to amend the 3rd field in this way my output should be:

I'm guessing it will require an awk, but not sure how..

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awk -F, -v OFS="," '{ $3=NR } 1' infile > outfile

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Cheers mate.. Worked like a dream... I had to start the numbering at a certain number as well (it's for generating a unique id for a csv file to insert into a db), so changed to:
awk -F, -v OFS="," '{ $165=NR+"500" } 1' Infile > Outfile


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