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Passing of variable values to remote server

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Old 01-15-2012
Passing of variable values to remote server

My script will take 3 i/p's from user. Now i need to pass these 3 values to remote server. Please find my code.

while [ 1 ]
   echo " To which server you want to connect ? "
   echo " 1. server1 \n"
   echo " 2. server2 \n"
   read opt_server
   if [ $opt_server -eq 1 ]
      echo "enter the file which you want to FTP "
      read $1
      echo " enter into which path you want to FTP the file"
      echo " 1. Path1 \n "
      echo " 2. Path2 \n "
      read $2
      ksh remote_server.ksh $1 $2 
      echo " you din't choose correct option "

with this code i am not able to pass the values which i am reading from user to the remote_server.ksh, with which i can FTP the required file.

Please help me in this regard.
Thanks in advance.


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Old 01-15-2012
google for "ftp here file" and maybe you'll find examples for what you're looking to accomplish (automating ftp sessions)
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Old 01-15-2012
with this code i am not able to pass the values which i am reading from user to the remote_server.ksh, with which i can FTP the required file.
It always helps to know what Operating System and version you have.

There is no parameter to "ksh" for "remote_server".
Depending on the Operating System you probably need to read up on the Remote Shell command "remsh" (or maybe "rsh") command.
On some systems the "rsh" is the Restricted Shell and nothing to do with Remote Shell.
On some systems you see "rksh" but this is just Restricted Korn Shell.

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