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Help with central syslog

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Old 01-13-2012
Help with central syslog


I want to collect all syslog messages from thses servers to a central syslog server and store them in seperate files.

I created new Redhat server to collect all the system logs, from Linux, Windows and Cisco to this new server.

For example:
syslog messages from server NY01 > /var/log/messages.NY01
syslog messages from server TX01 > /var/log/messages.TX01

Is this possible? Is so, please advice. I don't want to buy any new software to do this. I want to use open source software as much as possible.
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Old 01-13-2012
You may have a look at Splunk for centralized syslog management (there is a free and still good edition, Free vs. Enterprise | Splunk).

see ya
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Old 01-13-2012
Thanks. Which is better Splunk vs syslog-ng ? Please advice.
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Old 01-13-2012
some source of info comparing the products may be found googling for:
splunk syslog-ng comparison
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Old 01-14-2012
Syslog Management

You're comparing apples to oranges. Syslog-ng is an advanced syslog daemon that does exactly what you are trying to do (for free). There's also another known as rsyslog which is not as mature, but quite good nonetheless. Splunk (clunk) is a commercial product that is *extremely* expensive once you get above their 500m limit a day.

There's a very good whitepaper on syslog management on Cisco's website - just do a search for "Building Scalable Syslog Management Solutions". Since I am a new member here, I can't post the link Smilie

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