Error message with tail command

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Error message with tail command


I wrote a script and part of the script, I have a validation to check if the file has <EOF> on the last line of the
file. If it does not have a <EOF>, then a message has to be written to a log file.

the code snippet shown below works fine, but it writes the below message if the <EOF> is not available.

PHP Code:
if [ `tail -1 $FILE` = "<EOF>" ]
then echo "<EOF> tag is available in the $FILE>>${errfile2>&1
else "<EOF> tag missing in $FILE>>${errfile2>&
./[82]: <EOF> tag missing in SALES_20111223: not found [No such file or directory]. I don't understand why I get message
- not found [No such file or directory].

If a file contains <EOF> then it works fine. error message is:
<EOF> tag is available in the ORDER_20111223

Can someone please help me resolve this?

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if [ `tail -1 $FILE` = "<EOF>" ]
then echo "<EOF> tag is available in the $FILE" >>${errfile} 2>&1
else echo "<EOF> tag missing in $FILE" >>${errfile} 2>&1


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