Taking a average of a column of numbers

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Taking a average of a column of numbers

Hey all, I am relatively poor at programming and unfortunately don't have time to read about programming at this current moment.

I wanted to be able to run a simple command to read a column of numbers in a file and give me the average of those numbers. In addition if I could specify the starting and ending line of the numbers to take an average of that would be great. I assume I would use some form of awk but like I said I don't have a lot of time to research this right now. I greatly appreciate any help.

Thank you
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Expecting this ..
$ sed -n "/${start}$/,/${end}$/p" infile | nawk '{sum+=$0}END{print sum/NR}'

While in next post, please show us what you have tried .. Because time is precious for everyone .. Smilie Smilie
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Originally Posted by jayan_jay
Expecting this ..
$ sed -n "/${start}$/,/${end}$/p" infile | nawk '{sum+=$0}END{print sum/NR}'

While in next post, please show us what you have tried .. Because time is precious for everyone .. Smilie Smilie
Thank you very much that was perfect, I just needed the skeleton. I was able to edit this to work exactly how I needed it to. Thank you again.

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