AIX and Linux difference (character set)

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AIX and Linux difference (character set)

I'm having a problem regarding the encoding of my files in Linux and AIX.

I have a file which can be viewed both in Linux and AIX (via NetApp mount). When I checked the encoding, they have difference.

In Linux, the file is encoded as ISO-8859 text. (checked by using "file" command). However, in AIX, the is encoded as ascii text. The file contains the characters ", , , , etc). I'm not sure if this is a OS difference. My assumption is that the Linux can decode the characters stated above, while in AIX is not.

Can someone please enlighten me?

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Please ignore the title. It should be AIX and Linux difference.
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IT is a locale difference. The


command will show you what text driver it is using to display characters in a file.
You set locale by setting one or all of those environment variables (the LC ones).
locale -a

shows you what values you can use for setting the local variable(s).

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