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CPU usage

well i want to get the cpu usage of the current processes.the thing is that i want to list the processes with cpu usage=0 and the others(one list for cpu usage=0 and another for cpu usage>0)..i can list them,but i cant find a way to find the ps with cpu usage=0 and cpu usage>0..pls help me with this!
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@ straw, as per my guess , while redirecting the output of top (or) prstat , the CPU occupied processes only gets filed in the output file. We can see the zero % CPU occupied processes only in terminal session ..

Same query .. https://www.unix.com/unix-dummies-que...#post302587531
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(As a said on your other similar thread).
Please state what Operating System and version you have and what Shell you prefer.
There is much variation in commands to find out about processes.

Are you interested in current CPU usage percentage, or total CPU usage since the process started?

There is no point anybody posting guesses which might or might not work on your system until we know something about your system. We know from another thread that you prefer not to use "awk" - this will limit the possibilities.

Please post sample command and sample output from your "ps" command.
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i have solaris on my pc and the latest version of ubuntu at the other pc(the one i'm using right now)...like i said i'm trying to write a shell script or better i want to learn how i can write a shell script that outputs the current processes with zero cpu usage( %cpu ==0 ).
but i don't know how to make that possible..i think the top command is the one that i may use but i'm not sure..
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If (and only if) your systems support the Berkeley unix syntax for the "ps" command where you can choose the columns (e.g. cpu percentage).

e.g. Something like this:
ps -e -o pcpu,ruser,pid,args|grep \^" 0.00"

Others with the same O/S as you may be able to advise.
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ok i get it!with this the output will be a list with processes with zero %cpu the name of the user and the pid of the process...and with grep (and the \^ before grep) we can get the columns with "0.00"...what is args?its not necessary i think..
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Within "ps", "args" is the command which was being run. Can help to work out which process is which. Depends what you are looking for.

The \^ before "grep" means "lines starting with". In my version of "ps" there is a single space character at the beginning of the line before the cpu percentage. Yours could be quite different.

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