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# 8  
Your processes (even if you are logged in more than once).
Assuming your login is "straw":
ps -fustraw

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you can also list all registered user with " logins" command..


to list the groups;

#cat /etc/groups
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isn't ps command enough for outputing my processes?
the command(assuming my login is straw like you said) ps -fustraw is more appropriate?or i will get the same ouput?
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If you only have one session "ps" with no parameters is enough providing that you have not started anything in background under your login name.

If say you want to find every process running under user "root", the "ps" command after logging in as "root" will only mention the commands for that session whereas "ps -furoot" will show every process running under user root.
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# 12  
ok!thanks a lot for that!
# 13  

is not available in ubuntu
# 14  
listusers command is available in solaris and HP-UX

if you want in ubuntu, parse the /etc/passwd file

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