Unable to reduce the size of volume group?

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Originally Posted by frappa
Sorry, I meant
parted /dev/xvdb1 unit s print
parted /dev/xvdb5 unit s print

# parted /dev/xvdb1 unit s print
Error: Can't have a partition outside the disk!
Information: Don't forget to update /etc/fstab, if necessary.

# parted /dev/xvdb5 unit s print
Error: Unable to open /dev/xvdb5 - unrecognised disk label.
Information: Don't forget to update /etc/fstab, if necessary.

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Hi pinga123,

it seems like it's time to start playing with fdisk (a useful but dangerous utility), but I *strongly* advise you to do further operations only on a clone system, not the original one (don't know oracle vm, but I think it gives you the chance to create a clone system in some way).

The concept is that, with partitions on /dev/xvdb unmounted and lvm turned off, the current partitions on the disk may be deleted and recreated with the correct cylinder end value.
There's a similar procedure showed on 'http://justlinux.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-147711.html'.

I never tried such a thing by myself, so I have no tested procedures or assurance of success, that's why I advise you to operate on cloned machines to see what happens.

Maybe some other user in the forum may have some insightful suggestions.

see ya
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In your situation the only sensible quick approach was to create new smaller Logical Volumes then format and mount them, then copy your data to the new LVs, and then umount and remove the old LVs and adjust fstab to match the new arrangement.

Personally I would have used a backup device and made two independent backups of my data partitions before reformatting the PV to the new arrangement and restoring the backup.

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