Date reformatting

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Date reformatting

I have been reformatting dates from a data file to make them mysql compliant.

31-10-2011	 Loc1
1-11-2011	 Loc2

The first can be captured by this:
sed -i '' -e "s#\(..\)-\(..\)-\(....\)#\3-\2-\1#" data.txt

and leads to:
2011-10-31	 Loc1

The second line is captured as follows:
sed -i '' -e "s#\(.\)-\(..\)-\(....\)#\3-\2-0\1#" data.txt

and leads to:
2011-11-01	 Loc2

but changes the first line into this:
20131	 -10-01Loc1

However, I dont see how the second line matches with the first line and changes the format. How do I correct this?

Thank you in advance
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Try with this ..
$ sed "/^[0-9]-/s#\(.\)-\(..\)-\(....\)#\3-\2-0\1#" infile
31-10-2011       Loc1
2011-11-01       Loc2

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Works great, thank you.

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