Solaris packages and installation query

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# 8  
Originally Posted by mohtashims
How to i find the path to a package that was installed. I don't have any answer on the same.
You cannot find a path to a package. You can find a path to each of the files in a package.
For example:
grep bzip /var/sadm/install/contents

Oh, and by the way, the actual utility is named bzip2 - not bzip. The path is /usr/bin/bzip2. Use man bzip2 to find out how to use bzip2.
# 9  

My grep yeilds a huge output however i do see the bzip2 package install location.

grep "bzip*" /var/sadm/install/contents

/opt/Tivoli/lcf/bin/solaris2/JRE/DMAE/lib/sparc/ f none 0755 root other 108316 25291 1048599379 JPMCtivoliep
/opt/Tivoli/lcf/bin/solaris2/JRE/DMAE/lib/sparc/ f none 0755 root other 163484 38054 1048599392 JPMCtivoliep
/usr d none 0755 root sys SUNWocfd SUNWzlib SUNWlibms SUNWxwdv SUNWcpp SUNWctpls SUNWlexpt SUNWgcmn SUNWtiu8 SUNWtnamd SUNWtnfd SUNWucbt SUNWugenu SUNWdoc SUNWgzip SUNWocf SUNWlibusb SUNWusbccid SUNWusbu SUNWadmj SUNWeurf SUNWjsnmp SUNWjhrt SUNWmga SUNWrmui SUNWwebminu SUNWsadml SUNWswupcl SUNWowbcp SUNWjhdev SUNWzfsgu SUNWsprot SUNWxcu4t SUNWgpch SUNWgsfot SUNWgsfst SUNWhpijs SUNWgimpprint SUNWgscr SUNWhiu8 SUNWhmdu SUNWidnl SUNWifph SUNWGlib SUNWGtku SUNWiniu8 SUNWipc SUNWipmi SUNWzip SUNWtecla SUNWzsh SUNWislcc SUNWisolc SUNW1251f SUNW1394h SUNWTcl SUNWbash SUNWpsutils SUNWa2psu SUNWbsu SUNWant SUNWpppdu SUNWlccom SUNWapct SUNWast SUNWauda SUNWaudf SUNWaudh SUNWciu8 SUNWjiu8 SUNWkiu8 SUNWbart SUNWcacaodtrace SUNWjcom SUNWcg6h SUNWjfcau SUNWjhdem SUNWcnsu SUNWjib SUNWctlu SUNWdcaf SUNWdfbh SUNWkey SUNWdpl SUNWless SUNWlibCf SUNWlibm SUNWlibusbugen SUNWllc SUNWlldap SUNWdvdrw SUNWefcu SUNWlxsl-python SUNWmdau SUNWmdbdm SUNWmddr SUNWfac SUNWmibii SUNWsasnm SUNWmlib SUNWmlibe SUNWmlibh SUNWmlibt SUNWffiltersu SUNWflexruntime SUNWflexlex SUNWmpathadm SUNWfppd SUNWncft SUNWocfh SUNWggrp SUNWopenssl-man SUNWpcsclite SUNWpcsclite-devel SUNWpiclh SUNWpl5p SUNWpltlk SUNWpmgr SUNWpostgr-82-jdbc SUNWpostgr-82-tcl SUNWpppdt SUNWpppg SUNWppro-plugin-sunos-base SUNWqosu SUNWqusu SUNWrcapu SUNWsfwdemo SUNWrmodu SUNWrmwbu SUNWscbcp SUNWscmhdlr SUNWsfdoc SUNWtexi SUNWslpu SUNWsmdoc SUNWsra SUNWsrh SUNWtcpd SUNWtcsh SUNWter SUNWi1cs SUNWi15cs SUNWaudit SUNWcstl SUNWfss SUNWftduu SUNWgssdh SUNWippcore SUNWipplu SUNWpamsc SUNWrcmds SUNWscplp SUNWtnetc SUNWtnetd SUNWjss SUNWpr SUNWprd SUNWtls SUNWtlsd SUNWtlsu SUNWladm SUNWsfinf SUNWpostgr SUNWpostgr-contrib SUNWpostgr-devel SUNWpostgr-docs SUNWpostgr-jdbc SUNWpostgr-libs SUNWpostgr-pl SUNWpostgr-server SUNWpostgr-tcl SUNWrsm SUNWservicetagu SUNWeslu SUNWfrlu SUNWedcl SUNWedhcm SUNWeladm SUNWelvma SUNWelvmg SUNWemgp SUNWermui SUNWesadl SUNWesdis SUNWesdma SUNWesfw SUNWesos SUNWessmc SUNWeswbc SUNWewdev SUNWdclnt SUNWlvmg SUNWwbmc SUNWsfwhea SUNWsmagt SUNWsmcmd SUNWbind SUNWfcprt SUNWinst SUNWlxml-python SUNWimagick SUNWpostgr-82-client SUNWpostgr-82-contrib SUNWpostgr-82-devel SUNWpostgr-82-libs SUNWpostgr-82-pl SUNWpostgr-82-server SUNWpostgr-82-docs SUNWpppd SUNWrsg SUNWTk SUNWsadmi SUNWfruid SUNWpapi SUNWpsm-lpd SUNWgtar SUNWsfman SUNWale SUNWnamos SUNWaled JPMCboks6 SUNWatfsu SUNWbcp SUNWbtool SUNWcfpl SUNWiscsiu SUNWkvmt200 SUNWlibsasl SUNWloc SUNWlxml SUNWlxsl SUNWncau SUNWpl5u SUNWpl5v SUNWroute SUNWtnfc SUNWudaplu SUNWypu FJSVcpcu FJSVfmd FJSVhea FJSVmdb FJSVpiclu SUNWaccu SUNWadmap SUNWadmc SUNWadmfw SUNWadmlib-sysid SUNWarc SUNWbip SUNWbzip SUNWcacaort SUNWcfcl SUNWcpcu SUNWcry SUNWcsl SUNWcsmauth SUNWcsr SUNWcsu SUNWdcsu SUNWdmgtu SUNWdtrc SUNWefcl SUNWemlxu SUNWesu SUNWfchba SUNWfcmdb SUNWfmd SUNWfsmgtu SUNWftpu SUNWgss SUNWhea SUNWipfu SUNWkdcu SUNWkrbu SUNWkvm SUNWlibC SUNWluxop SUNWlvma SUNWmdb SUNWmdu SUNWmgapp SUNWmpapi SUNWnfscu SUNWnisu SUNWntpu SUNWopenssl-commands SUNWopenssl-include SUNWopenssl-libraries SUNWpdu SUNWperl584core SUNWperl584usr SUNWpiclu SUNWpkgcmdsu SUNWpool SUNWpprou SUNWqlcu SUNWrcmdc SUNWscpu SUNWsmapi SUNWsndmu SUNWspnego SUNWsshcu SUNWsshdu SUNWsshu SUNWswmt SUNWtftp SUNWtoo SUNWudapltu SUNWudf SUNWupdatemgru SUNWwbapi SUNWwbcou SUNWwbpro SUNWwbsup SUNWxcu4 SUNWxcu6 SUNWzfsu SUNWzoneu VRTSvcs
/usr/bin d none 0755 root bin SUNWfontconfig SUNWjpg SUNWgnome-base-libs SUNWgnome-config SUNWgnome-audio SUNWgnome-vfs SUNWthunderbird SUNWtnfd SUNWdoc SUNWj3rt SUNWwsr2 SUNWgzip SUNWocf SUNWj3dev SUNWrcmds SUNWjmf SUNWxwsvr SUNWsadml SUNWswupcl SUNWgnome-help-viewer SUNWgpch SUNWidnu SUNWipc SUNWzip SUNWtecla SUNWzsh SUNW1251f SUNWPython SUNWbash SUNWpppdu SUNWapct SUNWapdc SUNWaspell SUNWauda SUNWautoef SUNWbart SUNWjdic SUNWcstl SUNWmp SUNWless SUNWlldap SUNWdvdrw SUNWgnome-print SUNWfirefox SUNWfirefox-devel SUNWfsexam SUNWglt SUNWgnome-a11y-libs SUNWgnome-a11y-speech SUNWgnome-audio-devel SUNWgnome-libs-devel SUNWgnome-a11y-poke SUNWgnome-archive-mgr SUNWgnome-base-libs-devel SUNWgnome-calculator SUNWgnome-freedb-libs SUNWgnome-cd SUNWgnome-cd-burner SUNWgnome-character-map SUNWgnome-common-devel SUNWgnome-component-devel SUNWgnome-config-editor SUNWgnome-wm SUNWgnome-dialog SUNWpppg SUNWrcapu SUNWgnome-hex-editor SUNWgnome-img-viewer SUNWgnome-jdshelp SUNWgnome-media SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer SUNWgnome-perf-meter SUNWgnome-ps-viewer SUNWgnome-removable-media SUNWgnome-search-tool SUNWgnome-text-editor SUNWgnome-sound-recorder SUNWgnome-sys-suspend SUNWgnome-terminal SUNWgnome-ui-designer SUNWgnome-utility-applets SUNWtcsh SUNWpng SUNWtnetc SUNWgnome-im-client SUNWgnome-component SUNWpostgr SUNWpostgr-contrib SUNWpostgr-devel SUNWpostgr-pl SUNWpostgr-server SUNWservicetagu SUNWj5dev SUNWTiff SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs SUNWgnome-display-mgr SUNWgnome-file-mgr SUNWgnome-libs SUNWgnome-panel SUNWgnome-panel-devel SUNWgnome-session SUNWale SUNWiiimu SUNWbtool SUNWloc SUNWlxml SUNWlxsl SUNWncau SUNWpl5u SUNWtnfc SUNWaccu SUNWadmap SUNWadmc SUNWadmfw SUNWbip SUNWbzip SUNWcpcu SUNWcry SUNWcsl SUNWcsu SUNWesu SUNWj5rt SUNWkrbu SUNWmdb SUNWnfscu SUNWnisu SUNWperl584core SUNWperl584usr SUNWpkgcmdsu SUNWpool SUNWrcmdc SUNWscpu SUNWsndmu SUNWsshcu SUNWsshu SUNWswmt SUNWtftp SUNWtoo SUNWupdatemgru SUNWxwplt SUNWzoneu gsk7bas gsk7bas64
/usr/bin/7z f none 0555 root bin 410828 28364 1203706028 SUNWbzip
/usr/bin/7za f none 0555 root bin 1320752 30201 1203706028 SUNWbzip
/usr/bin/7zr f none 0555 root bin 793776 31270 1203706028 SUNWbzip
/usr/bin/bunzip2=bzip2 l none SUNWbzip
/usr/bin/bzcat=bzip2 l none SUNWbzip
/usr/bin/bzcmp=bzdiff l none SUNWbzip
/usr/bin/bzdiff f none 0555 root bin 2128 14937 1287949717 *SUNWbzip
/usr/bin/bzegrep=bzgrep l none SUNWbzip
/usr/bin/bzfgrep=bzgrep l none SUNWbzip
/usr/bin/bzgrep f none 0555 root bin 1678 57955 1287949716 *SUNWbzip
/usr/bin/bzip2 f none 0555 root bin 33628 62344 1288778599 *SUNWbzip
/usr/bin/bzip2recover f none 0555 root bin 9504 43910 1288778599 *SUNWbzip
/usr/bin/bzless=bzmore l none SUNWbzip
/usr/bin/bzmore f none 0555 root bin 1259 26687 1287949717 *SUNWbzip
/usr/bin/p7zip f none 0555 root bin 2517 38086 1203430355 SUNWbzip
/usr/include d none 0755 root bin SUNWzlib SUNWctpls SUNWfontconfig SUNWtnfd SUNWugenu SUNWwsr2 SUNWusbu SUNWvldu SUNWhmdu SUNWxwhl SUNWidnd SUNWifph SUNWstsf SUNWtecla SUNW1394h SUNWPython-devel SUNWaspell-devel SUNWaudh SUNWautoef SUNWcg6h

However i wish to ask is

grep "bzip*" /var/sadm/install/contents

tipical to solaris unix or all unix/linux environments ?

Is this the only and best way to look for where a package resides?

It becomes so difficult to figure our package in the output return by the grep command.
# 10  

grep "bzip*" /var/sadm/install/contents

typical to solaris unix or all unix/linux environments?
No, only to Solaris OS. Other versions of Unix store their packages in different locations. Same with Linux although it is a bit more uniform.

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