copy all files matching the request and change the extension at the same time

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copy all files matching the request and change the extension at the same time

Hi everyone

When I'm starting my script I'm giving to it two parameters: ext1 ext2

I need to copy all files in a directory fitting ext1, to the same folder, with the same names, but with the changed extension to ext2.
Till now I've just managed to do it for only 1 file, but I need to copy all fitting files.

Please help Smilie
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Well if you showed us what you did so far, I might be able to understand why and help you get your script working...

Dont forget to use code tags when submitting your code...
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actually what I've done so far is rather pathetic and it's not working Smilie
$1-first parameter, old extension
$2-second parameter, new extension
cp *.$1 (???).$2

I don't know how to keep the name of copied files and just change the extension

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I understand:
I have files with <file>.$1 extension that I would like to rename to <file>.$2 extension, is that so?
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yes, exactly!
it should copy all files with any filename, that have the $1 extension, and keep these original filenames, changeing only the extension to $2.
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one possibility (far from being the best but I am tired.. (14 hours is a lot...)
ls *.$1|while read FILE
NEWFILE=$(echo $FILE|cut -d"." -f1)
echo FILE": " $FILE " "NEWFILE: " " $NEWFILE
sleep 1

Im typing on a portable mac and am totally lost with the keyboard, sorry for being so slooow

I hav eput a sleep and echo line so you see what it does... Just comment them out after...

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thank you! it's working, but it replaces the old files by new ones. how can I keep the old files?

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