i have tried but i can't get my internet connection to work???

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Old 08-13-2001
i have tried but i can't get my internet connection to work???

for those who have read my earlier posts i have been trying for about a week and a half to get my internet connection working with no results...

my isp is ex-pressnet (in VA)...one-way cable internet service (dial-up for uploads, cable for downloads) using a com21 cable modem...this is extremly frustrating and i would really appreciate any help you can give... oh, and i've tried calling my isp but they don't have tech support for unix Smilie

thanks in advance...
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Old 08-14-2001
after rereading my first post i didn't see an actual questions so...

any ideas on how to get my modem configured??? everytime i try to connect to the internet i get a modem is busy message...

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Old 08-14-2001
On one hand, you talk about a cable modem and on another hand, you talk about getting a busy message . Your posts are confusing (at least to me, silly me) because we normally do not associate cable modems with busy messagesSmilie

Could you be very careful do describe your network configuration in details?
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Old 08-15-2001

He was mentioning using cable for download, and dial-up for upload...

Sound like they're perhaps trying to keep people from abusing upload bandwidth?

I've never heard of a setup like that on a Unix box, but I'm sure it can be done somehow.

Now, JustChillin, can you download? Does your cable work? Do you have a problem with only dialing the upload line, or can you connect at all?

If you be very specific, I'm sure someone may be able to help...

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Old 08-15-2001
Thanks, now I remember, this is the 'up-telephon down-cable' problem. This (not so simply) translates to how to set up routing on a platform with dual interfaces. This is a messy configuration.



or a broader google search with:

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Old 08-15-2001
thanks for the links...the first one (regarding expressnet, paryland specifally) i actually tried and i think i got that part done... however at the bottom of the the page (on the 2nd link) i found the following...

"Linux itself is happy with asymmetric routing. Set up the machine so
that both card and dialup have the same IP address. Check you can get the
ppp dialin part working. Once that is connecting and authenticating use
that as your routes (ie delete routes to the ethernet->cablemodem) and
point them all at the dialup"

i'm thinking this may be my problem... is it possible that my current configuaration (from the first link-espressnet...)
do i need to route everything to my dialup account rather than my cable modem??? i believe that once the dial up conects to my ISP the downloads automatically go through my cable modem...

does this sound correct?? how would i go about setting this up??

thanks for the help, i know this must be a pain in the a@$ for everyone trying to help, but i really do appreciate it...
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Old 08-16-2001
Asymmetric routing, in this case, means to receive packets on one interface and transmit on the other. This requires special configuration because most 'normal' routing is symmetric; transmit an receive on the same interface.

Note: Don't bump your threads to get them back up. That is specifically against the rules. Please be patient and someone will answer. If you really can wait, add meaningful information based on your research. Thanks.
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