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Cutting lines if conditions are met

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Old 12-20-2011
Cutting lines if conditions are met

I am not sure how to solve this problem and if it is possible to do so with scripting. Smilie

Let's say I have this data:

A 12345 12360
A 12359 12380
A 12381 12390
A 12400 12450
A 12451 12460
B 23456 23460
B 23470 23480
B 23477 23505

I wan't each line to be compared in this way: If the values of column 2 and 3 of line 1 overlap values of column 2 and 3 of line 2 then keep first line only.
Then keep comparing.
So my result would be:

A 12345 12360
A 12381 12390
A 12400 12450
A 12451 12460
B 23456 23460
B 23470 23480

Thanks for your input!
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Old 12-20-2011
Should it consider all previous lines, or only just the previous line?
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Old 12-20-2011
Only the very last one!
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Old 12-20-2011
Okay, that's doable:

awk '(NR>1) && (X2>=$2) && ($3>=X1) { next }; { X1=$2; X2=$3 } 1' data

Which amounts to:

awk '
# If this isn't the first line, and it intersects the range X1-X2, skip it.
(NR>1) && (X2>=$2) && ($3>=X1) { next }
# record the new range and print
{ X1=$2; X2=$3 } 1' data

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Old 12-20-2011
Thank you so much.
It seems to be working though I don't really follow how the program is working.
Is it comparing e.g.
Line 2 to Line 1. If there is no overlap, it keeps both lines and then compares line 3 to line 2. Then line 3 overlaps with line 2 so it kicks line 3 out and then compares line 4 to line 2?

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Oh yes, and another question: How would the code be different if it were to consider all previous lines.
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Old 12-22-2011
It would potentially need to store values for each and every line to compare later.

This could be an awful lot of computational work, n^2 intersection checks for n lines.

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$ cat allset.awk
{       for(N=1; N<=MAX; N++) if(($3 >= X1[N]) && (X2[N]>=$2))  next; }
{       MAX++; X1[MAX]=$2; X2[MAX]=$3; } 1
$ awk -f allset.awk < data
A 12345 12360
A 12381 12390
A 12400 12450
A 12451 12460
B 23456 23460
B 23470 23480


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