Alphabet and numeric values repeat again and again on HDD/Linux-Ubuntu

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Network Alphabet and numeric values repeat again and again on HDD/Linux-Ubuntu

My system is Linux, Ubuntu. I examine my hard disk drive with a hex editor, it's unencrypted, and when I scroll down, using page down in the ASCII section at right showing the alphanumeric and symbols information, the letters of the alphabet repeat from A-Z along with numbers repeating, followed by some gibberish, a long space of nothing, and more alphabet A-Z and numerical repetition, why is this there it appears like some type of filler why is it there whenever I make a Linux install its there, for what purpose does someone know? Is it a rootkit or trojan? It feels like forever using page down and witnessing all of the repeats of gibberish, alphanumeric information. Googling didn't help me.
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executable image files may look like that in an editor, you are probably seeing the data segment of an executable.

What exactly are you trying to do - not what you did?
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I examine my hard disk drive with a hex editor
What exactly did you type?
Does your system still work?

Let's hope that this is a personal system and that any accidental damage will only affect yourself.

One of the first rules of typing commands is: "If you don't know what is going to happen, do not type the command".

Explanation of what happened. The random binary code which you were looking at coincidentally contained screen control codes. These messed up your display.
It's not a virus.

Hint: While you are learning, don't use the root account.

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