for-loop syntax

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for-loop syntax


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Are you sure this works ?
for A in

If its a file how does the system know it has to read the content? (my system cant ...(ksh) )
e.g. (AIX 6.1...)
n12:/home/vbe $ cat file1
n12:/home/vbe $ for i in file1; do echo $i; sleep 1;done           
n12:/home/vbe $ for i in $(cat file1); do echo $i; sleep 1;done
# aix6.1

Q2 : there is no difference (except indentation...) between the 2 portions of code you submitted: A loop that starts when the previous finishes is a sequence... so one after the other...

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Have you read the answers to your previous post?
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To vbe:
Thanks for the explanations !
So if I understand well, the indentation doesn't affect the sequence but it is just to read the script more easily.

To methyl:
Thanks !
I tried to run the utility but it didn't work.

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To vbe:

By the way !
I don't know why, but my system can read the file when I write:

for A in file

but it is like the system didn't execute the second loop.

That's why I asked if it is right, when several file names differ only by the last number, to start the second loop by:
for C in ${B}_p*.temp

for C in *_p*.temp


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