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Need help with Timezone locale.

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Old 12-12-2011
Need help with Timezone locale.

HI Gurus,

I have a issue. One of our applications needs the data loads with the timezone (CST) but our zones run on GMT. I tried to change the TZ value under /etc/default/init value but it seems to effect the the whole zone. Is there any way I can just set up the TZ as CST for a particular user.

Thanks in Advance.
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Old 12-12-2011
In that users .profile or .bashrc

export TZ=(zone you want goes here)

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Old 12-12-2011
What Operating System and version do you have?
This is so important.

What is the normal value of $TZ after logging in as a GMT user.
If you have a /etc/TIMEZONE file , does it it the same value?

Stupid question. What (and where?) is CST ? What is the offset from GMT. Does it have daylight saving time on the same dates as Europe or some other dates.

Update: Found it in /etc/tztab on HP-UX. Might be somewhere in USA:
# Central Standard Time, Central Daylight Time
0 3 24-30 4 1970-1973 0 CDT5
0 3 6 1 1974 0-6 CDT5
0 3 22-28 2 1975 0 CDT5
0 3 24-30 4 1976-1986 0 CDT5
0 3 1-7 4 1987-2038 0 CDT5
0 1 25-31 10 1970-1973 0 CST6
0 1 24-30 11 1974 0 CST6
0 1 25-31 10 1975-2038 0 CST6
Assuming that your O/S knows about this timezone, we would therefore need this line in the user's shell profile:
export TZ="CST6CDT"

Ps: I have read about changes to Daylight Saving Time in USA. Make sure that your O/S has an up-to-date timezone table. Many posters from USA will know a lot more about this than I do.

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