Searching for a pattern from filenames stored in a file

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Searching for a pattern from filenames stored in a file

I have got some 10 filenames stored in a file or displayed in the console as a result of some query i made.. Now I need to open each of these files and search for a pattern in these 10 files.. Can someone help me with this?

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while read LINE; do grep "yourpattern" $LINE done < yourlist

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Let me make it clearer

my file is like below:


Each file is present in the path as above

I need to search some content like phonenumber in each of these entry in my main file.

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I think I understood, did you try it?
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I tried..But i am not getting the desired output..

"yourlist" you mentioned , is it supposed to be my filename?

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Yes it is. And "yourpattern" is the string you are looking for - you'll have to replace it actually with your real pattern.
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Will the same work as part of a shell script?


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