Copying files from one server to another

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The simplest answer may be using rsync and SSH, but if you aren't able to install either one, you could always revert to using tar and ftp.
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The main reason why i have to move files is my root directory (cd /) is 93% occupied . So i am afraid that it may lead to crash...
So i want to delete some files from root directory but i dont know which files i want to delete...
Our solarise is claasified in to disk 1,2,3,4 .so i planned to move some files in disk4 to other solrise in same network so that root disk usgae may be reduced....
Can you help me to increase the memory space of root?
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Can you show us the output from the "df" command which showed 93% , but for all filesystems? Filling a 10 Gb root partition is quite unusual unless there is something in the root partition which is not normally there or you have a runaway log.
Has this system been up for a very long time?
who -b

Please check the root partition for large files. Must be logged in a root.
find // -xdev -type f -size +10000000c -exec ls -ald {} \;
# Don't know what version of Solaris you have. If -xdev gives a syntax
# error, use -mount

If you find large files, do not delete or null them without informed advice.
If you really don't know what you are doing it is very easy to destroy your system.

There is a lengthy pinned post on the Solaris board in
The diagnostics side is very good but do not take any of the remedial actions without informed advice (some are dangerous).

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5146254 4687823  406969    93%    /net/mcd01

Should i execute the following mentioed cmd -xdev....

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You might try zipping up the subfolders then using the Rapid Transfer Script (dot com) to copy the zipped files over and unzipping them. It's php and usually copies 1GB files in under 90 seconds.
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5146254 4687823 406969 93% /net/mcd01
my root directory (cd /)
I don't understand how the above directory is your root directory or where your size of 10 Gb came from.

Let's get some basic information about filesystem net/mcd01 .
# Large files
find /net/mcd01 -xdev -type f -size +10000000c -exec ls -ald {} \;
# Number of directories
find /net/mcd01 -xdev -type d -print | wc -l
# Number of files
find /net/mcd01 -xdev -type d -print | wc -l


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