Start Time and period of a PID

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Question Start Time and period of a PID


Below is my OS details.

uname -an
SunOS mymachine 5.10 Generic_144488-07 sun4v sparc SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise-T5220

I need to know when was my Apache server last started. Whats is the best and most reliable way to find out not just for Apache but for any PID per say?

I am also confused as to what is the best way to find the PID[unique] of the apache server running on my unix box.

Below command returns multiple PIDs which is confusing.

ps -ef | grep -i "httpd"

wlsuser 15709  8392   0 03:55:18 ?           0:29 /apps/apache22/bin/httpd_worker -DSSL -k start -f /apps/apache22/conf/httpd.con
wlsuser  8459  8392   0   Nov 20 ?           0:00 /apps/apache22/bin/httpd_worker -DSSL -k start -f /apps/apache22/conf/httpd.con
wlsuser  8392  6839   0   Nov 20 ?           5:25 /apps/apache22/bin/httpd_worker -DSSL -k start -f /apps/apache22/conf/httpd.con
wlsuser  7019  8392   0 00:24:51 ?           3:12 /apps/apache22/bin/httpd_worker -DSSL -k start -f /apps/apache22/conf/httpd.con
wlsuser 26856 26159   0 04:19:11 pts/2       0:00 grep -i httpd
wlsuser  3514  8392   0 22:13:07 ?           4:05 /apps/apache22/bin/httpd_worker -DSSL -k start -f /apps/apache22/conf/httpd.con
wlsuser 25218  8392   0 00:03:23 ?           3:11 /apps/apache22/bin/httpd_worker -DSSL -k start -f /apps/apache22/conf/httpd.con
wlsuser 13385  8392   0 23:40:55 ?           3:18 /apps/apache22/bin/httpd_worker -DSSL -k start -f /apps/apache22/conf/httpd.con

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All those httpd processes have the same PPID: 8392, so this is the one which spawned the other children.
They have been spawned most probable to compensate traffic as more clients connected over time. Using the STIME of ps which would be
wlsuser  8392  6839   0   Nov 20 ?           5:25 /apps/apache22/bin/httpd_worker -DSSL -k start -f /apps/apache22/conf/httpd.con

is correct.
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There are three concerns here.

1. I knew that the parent PID is always displayed first and the child displayed second. However this is the first time i see that the parent PID is displayed after the child PIDs.

2. The STIME mentioned which in this case shows Nov 20 does not specify the time but just the date. I need the time as well.

3. I am also sure that my apache was resatrted yesterday so Nov 20 does not seem correct to me.

Also please help me understand technically how does "spawned the other children" help increase performance and how and when it decides to spawn. Any article on the same would be appreciated.

Kindly help.
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ps -ef|head -1 

The order of the columns shows PID then PPID (parent PID).
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Standard headings for ps -ef are

Check out the thread related config items in this article but basically, rather than queue requests the httpd has available threads waiting to handle requests until you reach the maximum number of threads
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Ok that answers 2 / 3 questions I had.

However, I still cannot get the start date and time for my apache process.

It was restarted yesterday and not on Nov 20.

Can you please help?

Also, why does

ls -ltr | head -1

not show me the column headings?
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Try stopping it. If you only have 1 httpd running there and there are httpd processes left after stopping it, they might be some runaway processes. From your output they do not look like that though.
After being stopped and cleaning up dead processes, start it anew and check with ps.
You can also check the log file of your httpd for the start time. It should write something appropriate in there.

Your line of code gives no header of ps as you used a wrong command.
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