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Would I then need to maintain a copy of /tmp/rsync.out on remotehost since that is where the 'mpd --update-db' command must be given?
rsync --log-file=/tmp/rsync.out -avz -e home/thisuser/Music ssh remoteuser@remotehost:/home/remoteuser/Music && scp /tmp/rsync.out remoteuser@remotehost:/tmp/rsync.out

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Where it resides does not really matter, as you could check the contents of the file also remote with ssh for example.
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I ended up creating a simple script that checked for the existence of /tmp/rsync.log on remotehost, updating the MPD db if it was present then removing the file which would be then be recreated the next time rsync was run. This way the update isn't run redundantly simply because the log is four lines in length.
if [ -e /tmp/rsync.log ]
   etc/init.d/mpd stop
   mpd --create-db
   rm /tmp/rsync.log

I realize now that using find with the -exec action was way off and appreciate all the input that led me to this solution.

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