Counting vowels in string. "Comparison pointer-integer".

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Question Counting vowels in string. "Comparison pointer-integer".

I'm trying to write a programme which scans strings to find how many vowels they contain. I get an error saying that I'm trying to compare a pointer and an integer in
if(*v == scanme[i]){

. How can I overcome this ? Also, the programme seems to scan only the first word of a string e.g.: if I type "abc de" it will only scan "abc". (I know this because for some reason it didn't produce the pointer-integer error before).

Thank you in advance.


int main ()
        char scanme[80];
        char *v[80] = {"a", "e", "i", "o", "u"};
        int nv = 0;
        int i;
        printf ("Type a string to scan.\n");
        scanf ("%s", scanme);
        printf ("Looking for vowels in \"%s\"...\n", scanme);

        for(i = 0; i < strlen(scanme); i++){
                if(*v == scanme[i]){
        printf ("There are %d vowels.\n", nv);

        return 0;

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just a guess..

at line where it says
      if(*v == scanme[i]){

i don't think you are comparing each element of v. v is a pointer to an array. You may need to use something like v[counter], maybe in a nested loop.


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