syntax error at ./ line 25, near "$_{"

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syntax error at ./ line 25, near "$_{"

I want to find the average score of students grde that I have in 2 different files. I want my script to read the each line in each file, print the average. Once it's done print the average in one file, it will move to the next.

I keep getting a line 25, near "$_{" error and cannot figure why.

Thank you Smilie

#reads line from the file and assigns to $line
while (my $_=<>){
if($ARGV ne $filename){

#total number of scores per student

#read arg 1
$str1=~ s/\D*(\d+).*,/$1/;

#read arg2
$str2=~ s/\D*\d+\D*(\d+).*,/$1/;

#read arg3
$str3=~ s/\D*(\d+)\D*(\d+)\D*(\d+)/$3/;
#for every line in file, print name and average...or while
for $_ { <-------
print "****$ARGV****"{($1+$2+$3)/$total},"\n";


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CPANPLUS::Internals::Report(3pm)			 Perl Programmers Reference Guide			  CPANPLUS::Internals::Report(3pm)

CPANPLUS::Internals::Report - internals for sending test reports SYNOPSIS
### enable test reporting $cb->configure_object->set_conf( cpantest => 1 ); ### set custom mx host, shouldn't normally be needed $cb->configure_object->set_conf( cpantest_mx => '' ); DESCRIPTION
This module provides all the functionality to send test reports to "" using the "Test::Reporter" module. All methods will be called automatically if you have "CPANPLUS" configured to enable test reporting (see the "SYNOPSIS"). METHODS
$bool = $cb->_have_query_report_modules This function checks if all the required modules are here for querying reports. It returns true and loads them if they are, or returns false otherwise. $bool = $cb->_have_send_report_modules This function checks if all the required modules are here for sending reports. It returns true and loads them if they are, or returns false otherwise. @list = $cb->_query_report( module => $modobj, [all_versions => BOOL, verbose => BOOL] ) This function queries the CPAN testers database at for test results of specified module objects, module names or distributions. The optional argument "all_versions" controls whether all versions of a given distribution should be grabbed. It defaults to false (fetching only reports for the current version). Returns the a list with the following data structures (for CPANPLUS version 0.042) on success, or false on failure. The contents of the data structure depends on what returns, but generally looks like this: { 'grade' => 'PASS', 'dist' => 'CPANPLUS-0.042', 'platform' => 'i686-pld-linux-thread-multi' 'details' => '' ... }, { 'grade' => 'PASS', 'dist' => 'CPANPLUS-0.042', 'platform' => 'i686-linux-thread-multi' 'details' => '' ... }, { 'grade' => 'FAIL', 'dist' => 'CPANPLUS-0.042', 'platform' => 'cygwin-multi-64int', 'details' => '' ... }, { 'grade' => 'FAIL', 'dist' => 'CPANPLUS-0.042', 'platform' => 'i586-linux', 'details' => '' ... }, The status of the test can be one of the following: UNKNOWN, PASS, FAIL or NA (not applicable). $bool = $cb->_send_report( module => $modobj, buffer => $make_output, failed => BOOL, [save => BOOL, address => $email_to, verbose => BOOL, force => BOOL]); This function sends a testers report to "" for a particular distribution. It returns true on success, and false on failure. It takes the following options: module The module object of this particular distribution buffer The output buffer from the 'make/make test' process failed Boolean indicating if the 'make/make test' went wrong save Boolean indicating if the report should be saved locally instead of mailed out. If provided, this function will return the location the report was saved to, rather than a simple boolean 'TRUE'. Defaults to false. address The email address to mail the report for. You should never need to override this, but it might be useful for debugging purposes. Defaults to "". verbose Boolean indicating on whether or not to be verbose. Defaults to your configuration settings force Boolean indicating whether to force the sending, even if the max amount of reports for fails have already been reached, or if you may already have sent it before. Defaults to your configuration settings perl v5.18.2 2014-01-06 CPANPLUS::Internals::Report(3pm)

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