Pop the users one by one in sudo cat /etc/security/user

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Pop the users one by one in sudo cat /etc/security/user

Hi Everyone,
When I runthe query in ssh shell sudo cat /etc/security/user , I see half of the users cut down from the display screen. what I want to do is using the somthing like "pop" that when I hit the enter key every time the screen should move to the next user? does some one has any idea how to do it???Smilie
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Have you tried less command

sudo less /etc/security/user

Hope it will be useful to you.

Srvesh Smilie
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Thank you ! I am using someone sudo user to connect third party machine and when I try to run this command it asks for sudo password. Hopefully it should work but not sure. let me get a chance to work on it and post reply soon. thank you any way
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Well, if sudo cat /etc/security/user works, why not just add | less to the end of it?

Or direct the file to a new file, and do with it as you please?
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I got another way of doing it
sudo cat /etc/security/user | more
if list does not exist may be | less will not work, try | more
please comment on it, same thing apply to
sudo cat /etc/security/passwd | more

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