Help me with find and tar on postrotate script

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Help me with find and tar on postrotate script


My requirements are
  1. I wanted to move my daily logs to /appl/logs/old folder
  2. Archive and compress all 10 days older log files under /appl/logs/old in YYYYMMDD format file
  3. To remove any 60 days older log files from /appl/logs/old

I tried this scenario with logrotate utility
/appl/logs/SIN* {
rotate 1
olddir /appl/logs/old
export NEW=/appl/logs/old
cd $NEW/old
/usr/bin/find $NEW -name 'SIN*' -type f -mtime +10 | awk -F "/" '{print $NF}' > status
tar --remove-files -cvzf $NEW/`date '+%Y%m%d'.tgz` -T $NEW/status
#/usr/bin/find $NEW/old -name 'SIN*' -type f -mtime +10 -exec rm -f {} \;
/usr/bin/find $NEW/old/archive -mtime +60 -exec rm -f {} \;

Problem i am facing here is , when I run it with remove option or removing by using commented find command
its archive only one file

And when i execute manually the above command , it is running as per expectation

Please help me on this issue , suggest me some alternate solution

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I am not sure you can separate your commands like that in logrotate. Either put them in a script and invoke that script in logrotate or put sh -c "..." around your commands with appropriate escaping of existing double quotes.

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