Ubuntu seems running slow!

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ok, looks like you are running out of memory on your *slower* machine as is evident from from swap line from free -m.

On the slower machine, try reducing the *swapiness* value to 10, you can read about how to do this here:


See if swapiness helps. I would set the value in sysctl.conf , reboot and try your slower machine with the new setting in effect.
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cat /proc/swaps
Filename                Type        Size    Used    Priority
/dev/sda5             partition    1047548    688604    -1

I am surprised the swap has been used mostly. Then how to fix it? Thank you so much.

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in addition to setting the *swapiness* value as I said in the post above, set the swap priority to 1:

swapoff -a
swapon -p1 -a

to set it permanenty, edit fstab and set pri=1, see man swapon.
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Thank you so much!
I changed the swappiness, it seems not helping very much.
free -m 
             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:          1002        923         79          0          5        196
-/+ buffers/cache:        720        281
Swap:         1022        646        376

Which fstab file to change? and where to put
swapoff -a 
swapon -p1 -a

Forgive me, I am just a beginner. Thanks again!
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if swapiness did not help, don't think setting the priority is going to help. Anyway the file is /etc/fstab.

The *swap* line in /etc/fstab should look something like this:

/dev/hda5    swap    swap    pri=1   0 0

Try putting in more memory Smilie or try considering a lighter web-browser (firefox can be memory hungry). Try switching windows manager to fluxbox.

I would read here on how to :


That's all I have and can think of for now. Good Luck.

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