Help with the functionality of the last (&/or who) command.

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Help with the functionality of the last (&/or who) command.

I'm a Bash Newbie, hope you guys can help.

Ok, So I need to make a script that will get a list of the Users that are/have logged in (recently).

I've been wondering how to get it with either the last or the who command.

This Poses a problem, as with who, it ONLY shows the Users Currently logged in, and I need to get users that have recently logged out (Including the time they stayed connected).

So that leaves me the last command, the one I've been using, However, it's giving me quite the problem to display ONLY recent connections. I know about -t, but apparently it shows the connections since the start of the log up to the timeframe set.
Also, When I get that working, What if a user currently logged in has been connected longer than the timeframe I set? Or what if someone has logged in and logged out? It only needs to be displayed once.

Should I go back and try with who?
Some Expert who could lend me a hand? Please Linux/Unix masters! u.u

I would appreciate it a lot.
I've been trying some hours into this, but to no avail. Smilie
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This is a hack, and probably not the way I'd do it for anything other than a quick script, but it uses last to print the last 'n days' worth of users who were logged in. Prevents dups if a user logs in more than once per day and will not work with a BSD version of last.

#!/usr/bin/env ksh
# $1 from command line is number of days to go back; assuming someone 
# logged in each day (doesn't handle days where nobody logged in)

last -F -R | awk '
    BEGIN { soup = "JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec"; }

    NF < 6 || /reboot/ || /begins/ || /still logged/ {next;}   # skip rubbish

        m = int(index( soup, $4 ) / 3) + 1;     #convert month name to int
        d = sprintf( "%4d%02d%02d", $7, m, $5 );   # build a sortable date
        if( ! seen[d,$1]++ )
            who[d] = who[d] $1 " ";            # create user list by date

    END {
        for( w in who )                 # for each user list print
            print w, who[w];
' | sort -k 1n,1 | tail -${1:-15}

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Thanks a lot! This at least gives me an idea what to do or where to go.

Just another thing I forgot to mention. It Must work both in Linux as in Solaris.
Will this work in Solaris? 0_o

Anyway, will test it in a moment.
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Ok. Tried it. But It won't show the Current session for example.

Ok, at least I'm making some progress.

If I type
date | awk -F " " '{print $1 " " $2 " " $3}'
It will give me today's date. and will have the exact values as today's dates in

last | awk -F " " '{print $4 " " $5 " " $6}'
How then, Do I compare both Results and print only the ones that cross out?

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