Find records with matching patterns

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Find records with matching patterns


I need to find records with a search string from a file. Search strings are provided in a file.

For eg. search_String.txt file is like below

and the file from where the records need to be fetched is given below


I have written a code as below using grep


while read line
grep ${line} src_file >> OUTPUT.TXT
done < ${LIST}

exit 0

This code works. But the problem am facing is my src_file is a very huge file having around 23 million records and I need to search for 1200 strings from this src_file and get the records from src_file.
Given this situation my code runs for hours.

Could anyone of you help me to understand if there is a better way for this search?

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If you have GNU grep (or any POSIX one) you can just do:
grep -f search_String.txt src_file > OUTPUT.TXT


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