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Shell scripting to compare two date field values and ? to find and replace the filename in a given directory.
i have directory \usr\svpoller\ALF\prd\-649595282--649595281-1311131326638#integ_asns_ALF_1YBN_2
I want to find all the same files and want to remove(cut)the prefix before #.
I mean i want a output like integ_asns_ALF_1YBN_2 in the given directory \usr\svpoller\ALF\prd\
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That directory name is not valid on a unix or Linux system. It is presented in Microsoft MSDOS format.
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i m using on a putty server
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1. Compare two date fields on the basis of what?
2. To find a file, use the find command. Check man find for help. Typically, the following is used:
find ./ -name <file_name>

to find a file recursively in current directory. To replace the filename, use mv command.
3. When you say, "I want to find all the same files", what do you mean?

And, for the example you mentioned "-649595282--649595281-1311131326638#integ_asns_ALF_1YBN_2", you can do something like this:
echo '-649595282--649595281-1311131326638#integ_asns_ALF_1YBN_2' | cut -d# -f2

This will give you "integ_asns_ALF_1YBN_2" as output.
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Thanks for a prompt reply
I have two date fields having value like
Wed Nov 9 09:34:20 EST 2011 & Wed Nov 10 19:14:20 EST 2011
So how tocompare these.
If value matches I need to return some statement.
Help me
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Put the two date fields in two separate variables and wrap them in an if-else condition. Not sure if this is what you're looking for.

#! /bin/bash
date1='Wed Nov 9 09:34:20 EST 2011'
date2='Wed Nov 10 19:14:20 EST 2011'
if [ '$date1' == '$date2' ]
    echo "Dates match"
    echo "Dates dont match"

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it works i guess but not exactly..
how can i store a value of date field in a particular properties file of that in a particular filed.
for eg. directory is Alfdorf-ALF|Wed Nov 9 09:34:20 EST 2011|0
I need to redirect the value of the date value dynamically using script and used it in further program.
This directory is a structure format made in properties file

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