How do i change network drivers?

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How do i change network drivers?

In recent time i have observed that two identical servers are behaving different in terms of network.

For example after reboot one of the server was taking some time to get into network after starting the network service.

After digging more into the system commands i came to know that they two are running different ethernet controllers Intel 82575EB Gigabit Ethernet Controller Intel 82576 Gigabit Ethernet Controller respectively.

The problematic server having Intel 82576 Gigabit Ethernet Controller.

More digging reveals that problematic server running igb drivers where as good one running both igb and e1000
problematic server
# lsmod | egrep 'pcnet32|vmxnet|e1000|igb'
igb                   104197  0

good one
# lsmod | egrep 'pcnet32|vmxnet|e1000|igb'
e1000e                127249  0
igb                   104197  0

Is there any way i can add e1000e driver on problematic one.

i tried running modprobe e1000e on problematic server but after reboot it showed following result.
# modprobe -l | egrep 'pcnet32|vmxnet|e1000|igb'
# lsmod | egrep 'pcnet32|vmxnet|e1000|igb'
igb                   104197  0

Any other way of getting around this problem would be appreciated.

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ddi_no_info(9F) 					   Kernel Functions for Drivers 					   ddi_no_info(9F)

ddi_no_info - stub for getinfo(9E) SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/ddi.h> #include <sys/sunddi.h> int ddi_no_info(dev_info_t *dip, ddi_info_cmd_t infocmd, void *arg, void **result); INTERFACE LEVEL
Solaris DDI specific (Solaris DDI) PARAMETERS
dev_info_t *dip Pointer to dev_info structure. ddi_info_cmd_t infocmd Command argument. Valid command values are: DDI_INFO_DEVT2DEVINFO and DDI_INFO_DEVT2INSTANCE. void *arg Command-specific argument. void **result Pointer to where the requested information is stored. DESCRIPTION
The ddi_no_info() function always returns DDI_FAILURE. It is provided as a convenience routine for drivers not providing a cb_ops(9S) or for network drivers only providing DLPI-2 services. Such drivers can use ddi_no_info() in the devo_getinfo entry point (see getinfo(9E)) of the dev_ops(9S) structure. RETURN VALUES
The ddi_no_info() function always returns DDI_FAILURE. SEE ALSO
getinfo(9E), qassociate(9F), cb_ops(9S), dev_ops(9S) SunOS 5.10 9 Jul 2002 ddi_no_info(9F)

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