Splitting multiple files in a folder

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Splitting multiple files in a folder


I am new to UNIX etc and am trying to split a large number of files, all with the extension .fas in the same folder, into smaller files wherever a string of 5ns occurs.

So this file:


Would be split into two files, one called

File1.fas01 and containing


And the second called

File1.fas02 and containing

This perl script below works well but, I don't know how to apply to all 201 files in the same folder separately.

perl -n -e '/nnnnn/ and open FH, ">$ARGV".$n++; print FH;' *.fas

I would appreciate any pointers towards how to process lots of files in one go with the same script.

Thanks very much!
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I think you really want the csplit command:

cd /path/to/files
for fname in *.fas
   csplit $fname /nnnnn/

There are options for setting the names of your output files, play around with those - see the csplit man page.
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