[Solved] take name of directory and files as variables

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# 15  
Your first attempt partially corrected so it can work a little ( I left the errors where I could...)
files=$(pwd | ls -m )
counter=0 #counter set to number of files counted with wc -c
numberfiles=$(ls -m | wc -w )

echo " files in these folder are $files "
if [ ! -d $dir ]; then
   mkdir Copy
   echo " $dir exists so now will copy files "
read kyb

while [ "$counter" -lt "$numberfiles" ]
   #cp ${file}s ${dir}
   echo ${file}s ${dir}
   let counter=counter+1
   #until [ $counter=numberfiles ] do
   #shift 1
   read kyb
#cp $files $dir/$files
#echo " $files has been copied "

Do run it it sh -x scriptname...
I let you explain to me the errors you see.
This will help you set your mind for the next step
I admire people trying to learn as fast as possible but we are humans, and to understand what you are doing - it takes time and asks to be well organized in the head:
Knowing what you want to achieve is one thing - How to achieve it is another...
In computing science it means being capable of every thing to a level of elementary tasks (you can then replace by a command...). Normally when not too sure you would start by thinking algorithmic using a pseudo-language or pseudo-code to write down
the different processes involved.
Only after years of practical experience can you bypass that step (because you did it in your mind...).
The pseudo-code helps you understand what you are trying and points out things you forget for example...
# 16  
I am waiting to see what you come up with and hope I am not wasting my time...(I prepared a script of a possible solution (accepting one argument only but tests its validity before entering loop...)
# 17  
first sorry!
I didnt see page 3 with your last posts and it has been a while since I checked it last time so you probably think you wasted your time, so sorry about that.

second, thanks
for your help but I am getting nowhere with it any way Smilie each time I sit to it and try modify - getting different code different errors,
would appreciate if you correct that code so it work corectly, if you find time ofcourse, I believe it takes less time for you to correct it than for me trying to figure out. I know I learn less if get working code but would appreciate it.

# 18  
You are too impatient and trying too many things at the time - Makes debugging really hard job!
Lesson 1 : Modify ONLY one thing at a time - Once issue solve only can you now pass to the next one...

I will have to remember which server I used...
This User Gave Thanks to vbe For This Post:
# 19  
yes you are right, I am annoyed I wasted time with that code ( and I understand if you are annoyed with my late and useless responses) and it still dont work.
will take a strong coffe and try fix it again later...

Good Luck, vbe!
# 20  
I know I wrote a script for you... But where is it???? Smilie
# 21  
Found it!
(That's a pint of Guinness for me!)
The script is called copy2:
#@(#) copy2 v1.0   :Copy all files from current directory to directory given as parameter.
# usage   : copy2 ~/Dirname
############           Test the parameter validity             ##############
alias ll='ls -l'
USAGE="usage   : copy2 ~/Dirname"
echo "Current directory is : "$PWD
    [ "$#" -eq 1 ]
   if [ -d $Dirname ]
      echo " $Dirname exist... will start copying: "
      echo "No $Dirname... Will try to create $Dirname..."   
      sleep 3
      mkdir -p ~/$Dirname || exit 97
      echo "Directory $Dirname  created!"
      echo "Press Enter to continue";read kyb
     [ "$#" -gt 1 ]
     echo !!$# Only one directory accepted for argument !!
     echo $USAGE
     exit 99
     echo copy2: Copy all files from current directory to directory given as parameter.
     echo $USAGE
     echo !!Entered arg:$#! -  give a Directory for argument !!
     exit 98
# exit
############        you get here only if above is good         ##############

for i in $(ls)
   echo "File $i is being copied..."
   cp $i ~/$Dirname/.
   echo " Done: "
   ll ~/$Dirname/$(ls)
   #echo "Press Enter to continue";read kyb
   #Uncomment above to see each separate copy of loop being done
echo "Finished!"
echo "Copied $(ll |wc -l) files "

This is something you will have to keep as model to what should be in a good script...
Good learning!

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