copy files grabbing destination folder from file name

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copy files grabbing destination folder from file name

Hi all...

Below is what I am trying to do:
1. Having the following folder with the files...

2. I need to copy and chown files with extension .tar.gz to another folder
copy /source_folder/dodiddone.tar.gz /dodiddone/destiny_folder/dodiddone.tar.gz
copy /source_folder/gowentgone.tar.gz /gowentgone/destiny_folder/gowentgone.tar.gz

3. code

for i in "$SOURCE"/*.$EXTENSION
copy $i /(???-1-)/(???-1-).$EXTENSION
chown /(???-1-)/(???-1-).$EXTENSION

4. my doubts!
(???-1-) : here would be something like ${i%%.$EXTENSION} |sed 's#^.*/##' to grab the file name

Could you please help to solve this problem?

Many thanks!!!

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This is probably pretty close to what you're looking for:

for i in $srcd/*.$extent
    fname=${i##*/}      # without path
    fwoe=${fname%.$extent}  # without path or extension
    dest=/$fwoe/$fname     # set dest filename once
    echo cp $i $dest            # test with echo
    echo chown xxx $dest

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