Killing a process which is running in different server

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Killing a process which is running in different server

Consider two servers tst01 and tst02.
i need to log in tst01 and check for the processes which run in tst02.
then based on pid , i need to kill that process.

is it possible to achieve?
I am able to connect to tst02 using ftp.
But the problem is, if i use ps it says invalid command.

How i can overcome this and start and stop processes which are in different servers?
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This can be done using ssh command ..
$ ssh user@tst02 "kill -9 process_id"

Guide : SSH Tutorial for Linux - Support Documentation
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Originally Posted by jayan_jay
This can be done using ssh command ..
$ ssh user@tst02 "kill -9 process_id"

Guide : SSH Tutorial for Linux - Support Documentation

But each time i am doing ssh, it asks for password.
for example, if i execute,

ssh usr@tst02 "ps -ef"

this asks for usr@tst02 's password:

After entering password, it's listing the processes.

One more thing, i am not able to execute scripts using ssh.

I have tried:

ssh usr@tst02 "./usr/path/scr/"

It says ./usr/path/scr/ not found.

Is it possible to automate in the script without entering password?

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for password less login using ssh pls check this link.

ssh-keygen: password-less SSH login

Also pls correct the syntax

PHP Code:
ssh usr@tst02 "./usr/path/scr/"

correct one 
ssh usr
@tst02 "/usr/path/scr/" 
. means you are searching from currect directory

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