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Old 12-06-2000

ok, i've figured out my problem with distributed, in Solaris GUI if you click on a tar file it will untar it for you, using paramiters I don't know.
now, I've got a tar file in / called

i want to install it to the "/Veitch" directory

how exactly do I use the tar command to do that, this must be simple, I just keep getting it wrong.

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Old 12-06-2000
cd /Veitch
tar -xvf /dnetc-solaris26-x86.tar
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Old 12-06-2000

thanks a lot, it's up and running now.

anyone else here in the challenge?

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Old 12-06-2000
Yep. Time working: 1107 days. Stats here:
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Old 12-06-2000
thoose are some impressive stats, what are you running.

by the end of today, i'll have a
k6-2 300
2 x PII 200
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Old 12-07-2000
I have run the client on a variety of machines in the last 3 years. From a 486 to a P3 and just about everything in between. Have also run it on a several non-Intel platforms: Sun UltrasparcII, HP-PA RISC, etc. I currently run it on 2 Windows machines and 2 HP workstations.
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Old 12-07-2000

if I knew anything more about network programming, sitting floor beneith me is a 24 node Beowulf cluster. I cna get permission to use it if I can write a copy of the program to run on it. Know of any places to get good help?

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