script to mount from vfstab file

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script to mount from vfstab file

I am setting up a test system and grabbed the /etc/vfstab file from the prod system. I don't want to overlay the /etc/vfstab file from the prod box on the test box so I just copied the prod /etc/vfstab file over to the test server and put the file in the /tmp/ directory.

I want to mount the file systems now and want to use a loop script to mount up these file systems.

this is what I have so far
for LINE in `cat /tmp/prod_vfstab |awk '{print $1 " "$3}' ` ; do mount -F vxfs $LINE ; done

$1 = would equal the device
$3 = would equal the directory mount point

my line would equal something like this
mount -F vxfs <device> <path>

what should my loop script line look like?

Solaris 10 system
korn shell

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Not a great approach. Try this instead:
awk '{print $1,$3}' /tmp/prod_vfstab |
while read device mntpt; do
 mount -F vxfs $device $mntpt

I separated LINE into the two variables so you can see how that approach might be used.
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Yes, this is what I wanted. I had forgotten about using 2 variables and then calling on them like you did. This works.

Thank You

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