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How to Export Glance "Global System Calls" data to a file

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Old 10-11-2011
How to Export Glance "Global System Calls" data to a file


I'm trying to setup a cronjob to record system data using glance at certain times of the day. My question is, how would one export the "Global System Calls" information to a file? Below is the command I have been using and it works to export CPU information.

glance -f /home/fcp/logs/glance_output.txt -advisor_only -bootup -iterations 2 > /dev/null

I want to pass in the -Y option somehow to give me the "Global System Calls" information...

Any idea how to do this?

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GLANCE(1)							      Glance								 GLANCE(1)

Author Date 2012-01-03 Copyright OpenStack LLC Version 2012.1-dev Manual section 1 Manual group cloud computing SYNOPSIS glance <command> [options] [args] COMMANDS help <command> Output help for one of the commands below add Adds a new image to Glance update Updates an image's metadata in Glance delete Deletes an image from Glance index Return brief information about images in Glance details Return detailed information about images in Glance show Show detailed information about an image in Glance clear Removes all images and metadata from Glance MEMBER COMMANDS image-members List members an image is shared with member-images List images shared with a member member-add Grants a member access to an image member-delete Revokes a member's access to an image members-replace Replaces all membership for an image OPTIONS --version show program's version number and exit -h, --help show this help message and exit -v, --verbose Print more verbose output -d, --debug Print more verbose output -H ADDRESS, --host=ADDRESS Address of Glance API host. Default: -p PORT, --port=PORT Port the Glance API host listens on. Default: 9292 -U URL, --url=URL URL of Glance service. This option can be used to specify the hostname, port and protocol (http/https) of the glance server, for example -U https://localhost:9292/v1 Default: None -k, --insecure Explicitly allow glance to perform insecure SSL (https) requests. The server certificate will not be verified against any cer- tificate authorities. This option should be used with caution. -R REGION, --region=REGION When using keystone authentication version 2.0 or later this identifies the region name to use when selecting the service end- point. If no region is specified and only one region is available that region will be used by default. Where more than one region endpoint is available a region must be provided. -A TOKEN, --auth_token=TOKEN Authentication token to use to identify the client to the glance server --limit=LIMIT Page size to use while requesting image metadata --marker=MARKER Image index after which to begin pagination --sort_key=KEY Sort results by this image attribute. --sort_dir=[desc|asc] Sort results in this direction. -f, --force Prevent select actions from requesting user confirmation --dry-run Don't actually execute the command, just print output showing what WOULD happen. --can-share Allow member to further share image. SEE ALSO o OpenStack Glance BUGS o Glance is sourced in Launchpad so you can view current bugs at OpenStack Glance AUTHOR
2010-present, OpenStack, LLC. 2012.1.1 March 14, 2013 GLANCE(1)

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