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Old 10-10-2011
Cat Help needed

I am unable to use a basic script in cygwin. Please help me out.

Script used :

echo "Lucent MSC1" 
echo "===========" 
echo "Orig_MSCID Summary Top 10" 
cat k1.txt | grep -i orig_mscid | sort | uniq -c  
echo "Hourly Summary" 
cat k1.txt | grep "#" | cut -c 10-11 | uniq -c 
echo Bye

Error :

$ ./TLDN.txt
Lucent MSC1
Orig_MSCID Summary Top 10
: No such file or directory
Hourly Summary
: No such file or directory

However the file exist in the folder.

$ pwd

sgupt023@sgupt023-c420 ~
$ cd 09oct

sgupt023@sgupt023-c420 ~/09oct
$ ls
2.txt  4.txt  5.txt  6.txt  K1.txt  K2.txt  TLDN.TXT  a.txt  cgrep

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Old 10-10-2011
change the filename to a full file specification, example: /home/sgupt023/k1.txt,
or add a line in the very top of the script
cd /home/sgutpt023

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Old 10-10-2011
Thanks. Tried both the solutions. But still not working.Smilie

Executing the script as individual line works.

sgupt023@sgupt023-c420 ~/09oct
: No such file or directoryme/sgupt023
Lucent MSC1
Orig_MSCID Summary Top 10
: No such file or directory
Hourly Summary
: No such file or directory

sgupt023@sgupt023-c420 ~/09oct
$ pwd

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Old 10-10-2011
In your script I see k1.txt and that directory shows K1.txt. Not sure about cygwin but usually unix/linux is case sensitive.
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Old 10-10-2011
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Old 10-10-2011
Tried both K1 and k1 still not working. Please help Smilie
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Old 10-10-2011
Are you sure you are in the correct directory when you execute your script? It looks like you are sometimes calling the script with .TXT and sometimes with .txt. I would try making all filenames lowercase and making them all lowercase in your script as well.

Also, when you tried the full filename specification, did you use "/home/sgupt023/k1.txt" or "/home/sgupt023/09oct/k1.txt"? Looks like the files are in the 09oct directory, so the latter is the correct one to use.

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