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irq complication

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Old 02-16-2005
irq complication


i looked around already and had no luck finding anything.

Im trying ot install a wpc11v3 linksys wireless card, and i have been for about a week now. Smilie Im near certain i have figured out my problem. When i plug in my card while knoppix is running, it crashes. When i plug it into the laptop and boot up, it loads the card and then crashes. Theres no way to run iwconfig or anything because my card crashes the system. I have to find a way to get the card to sit in the laptop without any crashing right. So im near certain it is a IRQ conflict between my PCI and another device. How can i configure my irq's running knoppix. knoppix is installed to my harddrive so i have no option to use any cheatcodes. everything i read pertains to cheatcodes and whatnot, and i have researched and i cant find any problems like this with IRQ's.

Im using a toshiba satellite 2540cds laptop. i checked the bios and there is no IRQ option in there. Also during hte boot option i see something lke irq error pci=irq something like that im not certain. I'll have to double check that.

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IFCFG(5)						       Network configuration							  IFCFG(5)

ifcfg-wireless - wireless LAN network interface configuration SYNOPSIS
/etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-wlan-* /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-type-wlan GENERAL
Wireless networks need some additional configuration data compared to ethernet ones. Therefore additional variables for ifcfg files were introduced. All wireless LAN specific variables are described in the ifcfg template file /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg.template. It is pos- sible to configure more than one wireless network accepted for association. To achieve this add suffix _1 to all wireless variables for the second network, _2 for the this, and so on. Example: WIRELESS_ESSID_1="second_net" You can have up to ten wireless networks configured. Some wireless variables are not applicable to a single wireless network but are global to the interface. The description of the variable points this out. BUGS
Please report bugs at <> AUTHOR
Christian Zoz <> -- ifup script Michal Svec <> -- ifup script Bjoern Jacke -- ifup script Mads Martin Joergensen <> -- ifup manual page Michal Ludvig <> -- tunnel support Joachim Gleissner <> -- wireless support SEE ALSO
ifup(8). sysconfig December 2005 IFCFG(5)

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