Add extra columns help

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Add extra columns help

Hi Gurus,

This below script adds a column extra to my flat file..But how can i add another column, Say if i just put mention an other column beside the first does get generated but as one column only

while IFS="" read r; do
printf "dummy\t%s\n" "$r" 
done < xxx.txt > zzz.txt

I kept another column dummy2 next to dummy.. it gets generated, separated by a tab as well but when reimport into my code..I see it as a single column

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lets say i have a file separated by a tab delimiter


abc   bbc  cbz  ddd

Now , i want to add a column xxx....The above script works fine...But now
I need to add one other column yyy..the script works fine..but when i re-import i see that this is marked as a single column despite being separated by a tab..

i want

yyy  xxx  abc  bbc   cbz  ddd.........

xxx and yyy shud be tab separated.

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As you specify, the script works fine.

Then the problem is either in the way you are importing the data or in the way you are reading it.
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Shell Life i appreciate your prompt replies..But am into forums for answers not just anybody can simply write whatever comes to their minds...These are all real time requirements so please reply if only you know the answer...
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Read about and test the command "paste"
man paste

$ cat f3
$ cat f4
$ paste -d"\t" f3 f4
hjkfdq    7892789
fjklsq    120392
flfd    109327
fjdlsq    25483
jdslk    3471

$ paste -d"\t" f3 f4 f3 f3 f4 f3
hjkfdq    7892789    hjkfdq    hjkfdq    7892789    hjkfdq
fjklsq    120392    fjklsq    fjklsq    120392    fjklsq
flfd    109327    flfd    flfd    109327    flfd
fjdlsq    25483    fjdlsq    fjdlsq    25483    fjdlsq
jdslk    3471    jdslk    jdslk    3471    jdslk

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See the thing is , Actually i have some 100 rows

xxx 000 111 222 333 444
yyy 000 111 222 333 444
zzz 000 111 222 333 444
Now the requirement is add a dummy column say, Fiscal year FY11

The code which i have works fine..what it would do is

xxx 000 111 222 333 444 FY11
yyy 000 111 222 333 444 FY11
zzz 000 111 222 333 444 FY11

Now i want to add an other column..when i do it it is getting separated by a tab but when i import it into my is seen as a single column.....U can try using excel it would be more clear.

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