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df -h command, can't seem to find real location

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df -h command, can't seem to find real location


I need your help. I am at a new place, just trying to understand what's going on here. When I do df -h, I see many mounts. But most of them are automount, how do I find the real location?

                      1.7T  1.2T  527G  69% /home/sthan
                      1.0T  666G  359G  65% /home/tech
                      1.7T  1.2T  527G  69% /home/cac
                      1.7T  1.2T  527G  69% /home/ala
                      1.0T  666G  359G  65% /home/msata

When I go to /home, I see all the directory but that's automap. I can't create any directory. I need the real location, I also tried the /vol /vol/homet2/xyz.... but it doesn't work either.

[root@txust01 home]# cd /vol
-bash: cd: /vol: No such file or directory

Please let me know what I am missing here... Thanks.

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The real location of what?
What I see is you are using a NAS... and to a user it should be transparent, so for you too...
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You need to look at your automount maps to see the real location of directories that are automounted.
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Yes. It's using NAS. where do I find that /home is mounted to? I need to create a directory under /home. When I look at passwd file, it says for each user /home/user ID. I can't create the directory under /home. It's mapped to some thing else.

[root@txust01 home]# mkdir xyz
mkdir: cannot create directory `xyz': No such file or directory

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I got it. I need to be on the admin server. From the server I was on, that is only read only. To make any changes, I need to be on the NISNFS master server.

Every day, I learn some thing new about NIS NFS. :-)
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Thinking of it - Are you root?
If so, then there is this little somewhat all sysadmins know and get caught some times:
Are we on NFS? If so the first you may be on a "deny root access...(or readonly for root...)".

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