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Old 09-28-2011
Forwarding mail via Pine

I am asking about my work account, running Linux on a system server. On pine, I set up a forward to another email account. I also keep a copy in the original account. The forward has been running fine for some time.

I believe the system sends the mail first to the forwarded account and then puts the copy in my original account.

Currently, I am receiving mail in the forwarded account. I am not receiving the copy.
When I send myself an email--I get a copy in sent mail and a copy to the forwarded account, but nothing in the inbox.

What could be causing this? Smilie
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MAILPING-STORE(1)						     Mailping							 MAILPING-STORE(1)

mailping-store - store email from stdin to a mailping incoming maildir SYNOPSIS
mailping-store DESCRIPTION
mailping-store reads an email from standard input and writes it into a maildir chosen according to following logic: 1. If EXTENSION is not set, select Maildir. 2. If EXTENSION is set, ensure its value is safe to use, and select EXTENSION/incoming. mailping-store is usually run from a .forward file, and thus the filenames above are relative to the home directory of the account in question. Normal use Normally, mailping-store is used to ease the setup of new circuits to probe from mailping-cron. This is done with a system account mailping using <> as the from address, and <> (or some remote address aliased to that) as the to address. In fact, these are the default values for from and to, so you can just skip creating those configuration files. This allows adding new test circuits without any changes to the email configuration. FILES
/var/lib/mailping/state/circuit/incoming Maildir to store the email to. /var/lib/mailping/state/Maildir/ Maildir to store the email to, if no extension was given. ENVIRONMENT
MAILPING_STATEDIR Override the location of the state directory. Circuit states are stored in the state subdirectory of this directory, in subdirectories named after the circuit name. Default: /var/lib/mailping EXTENSION Name of the current circuit to store the mail for. SEE ALSO
mailping-cron(1), mailping-success(1), mailping-latency(1) AUTHOR
Tommi Virtanen <> Havoc Consulting Author. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2004 Havoc Consulting mailping 0. 2004-04-15 MAILPING-STORE(1)