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Question $- parameter ...

I have an excert from the Rute Tutorial and Expo by paul sheer... about parameters.. so far I have understood most of them .. except this one:
Expands to the current option flags as specified upon invocation, by the set builtin command, or those set by the shell itself (such as the -i option)." (by paul sheer Author of Rute Tutorial and Expo).....
when I excute this command on the command line I get this;
echo $-
if any could clarify this it would greatly be appreciated.. .

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$- is used to show current shell options (in Bash, Korn and others)... These can be options passed during the shells invocation (i.e. when the shell is first started), or set whilst the shell is running with the "set" command. For example....

$ echo $-
$ set -x
$ echo $-
$ set +x
$ echo $-
$ bash -r # start another shell with -r set
$ echo $-
$ exit
$ echo $-

Read the manual page for the shell you're using and take a look at the "set" section and also the invocation options section.

I check the value of $- in my .kshrc file to make sure that it is executed for interactive shells only.

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thanx moxxx68.....

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